343i blocking Halo: Master Chief Collection refunds?

343i have their hands full right now with the recent and buggy release of Halo: Master Chief Collection and footage of the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians Beta leaking everywhere. According to this NeoGAF thread, 343 Industries are blocking refunds for Halo: MCC.

I tried processing for refund for this game, since you were not able to play it, but the system is lock for refund of this game for the mean time.

We receive a hold off order for refunds at the mean time from 343 Industries, the game developer as they are still fixing the issue with the game. One they’re done with it, refunds will be available but for sure time, the game issue will also be fixed.

On Microsoft side, John, we don’t really hold refunds for games with technical issues, just like what you are experiencing right now, though part of our Terms of Use is “All sales are Final”. Since we value our customer’s satisfaction, we can override the system and process refunds for technical issues with the game. But for this certain specific game, the hold order is coming from the developer itself.

The developer for the game is 343 Industries, Microsoft is the Publisher of the game.

The next steps will be either to contact 343 Industries John or to wait from them for the go signal about the game. Since this issue is known to our developer, anytime soon it will be working fine.

I certainly understand that John and this is what we are working on with the 343 industries to fix the issue or at least, with the refund for the game since it did not met the expectation from our customers.

What is weird is that the rep claims that the developers have blocked the refunds, which is odd since Microsoft owns 343i and they would need to have approved that. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

Update: Apparently someone was able to get a refund here, so maybe there’s a lack of communication on Microsoft’s end.

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