3on3 Freestyle Arcade Street Basketball Is Now Available For Xbox One

Basketball games are rare these days and there are only a few good ones available now. What about a basketball game that is not only free-to-play but also offers fun gameplay. This is 3on3 Freestyle which was released earlier for the PS4 and it is now also out for the Xbox One.

This game was developed by Joycity who confirmed the release of the Xbox One version in a press release. The launch of the Xbox One version comes with “an exclusive player outfit and new basketball court modeled after the Venice Beach basketball court, a hub of street basketball action.”

“We’ve been so overwhelmed and humbled by all the support we’ve received from 3on3 Freestyle players all over the globe,” said Derek Jeon, Executive producer at Joycity. “With the steady interest in esports tournaments and global matches, we hope to be even more accessible to all of our players and provide the support for more accessibility and competition.”

n 3on3 Freestyle, players can choose between 21 colorful and unique male and female basketball players, each with their own special abilities, moves and specialized positions. Teammates must wisely pick their players in order to build the right team according to their preferred playstyle in order to counter their opponents. In addition to having different physical and technical attributes, each character has a specific backstory which unfolds during the player’s progress in the game.

The Crew System also allows for guild-like groups of crews to face off against each other, allowing for various strategies and creative gameplay with each combination of players. Players in Japan and Korea have come together to face off in esports tournaments to prove themselves worthy of the title of best 3on3 Freestyle crew. Tournaments in the US and EU are also planned for later in the year, as well as global tournaments soon after.

3on3 Freestyle Arcade Street Basketball is available to download now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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