4 New Pokemon Announced For Pokemon Sun And Moon

Nintendo has just posted a new trailer online that showcases 4 new Pokemon that will make an appearance in their upcoming game Pokemon Sun and Moon. Their names are Crabrawler, Sandygast, Pallossand and Stufful.

The official descriptions of these Pokemon can be found below:


Name: Crabrawler (Fighting type)


Crabrawler is the Boxing Pokemon, with a personality that hates losing. This Pokemon is driven by the aim of not only reaching a higher social standing, but also higher positions in terms of the landscape, which results in it climbing tall people and buildings. It’s special abilities are Hyper Cutter and Iron Fist.

Name: Sandygast (Ghost/Ground type)


Sandygast is the Sand Heap Pokemon, which is born when the grudges of Pokemon fallen in battle soak into the sand. It uses it’s shovel to possess children and uses them to help gather sand to increase it’s size. Sandygast possess the never before seen Water Compaction ability which causes it’s defense to go up by 2 if it is hit with a Water-type move.

Name: Palossand (Ghost/Ground type)


Palossand is the Sand Castle Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Sandygast and controls human adults into building sand castles in order to provide it with camouflage and an increase in defense capabilities. It’s special ability is also Water Compaction.

Name: Stufful (Normal/Fighting type)


Stufful is the Flailing Pokemon. This Pokemon possess extraordinary strength, and can deal out hits that can even down well trained Pokemon. Stufful’s special ability is Fluffy/Klutz, and it’s evolved form is Bewear.

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set for launch on November 18th 2016 on the Nintendo 3DS. You can also read about the previously revealed Z – Moves and Alola forms here.

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