4 Player Multiplayer confirmed for Xenoblade Chronicles X

Wii U JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X recently went up for pre-download in Japan and according to the game’s page on the Nintendo e-Store, the game will have multiplayer support for up to 4 players. Developers Monolith Soft has said that up to four players will be able to tackle missions together while up to 32 players will be able to exchange information and items with each other.


When the game was first revealed many thought of it to be a MMORPG. Like the original Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, X showed off a battle system used mainly in MMORPGs. The game will also have a player created protagonist to give the game a feel similar to an MMORPG but developers Monolith Soft have assured the game is a single player game first.

As a side note, also check out the final Xenoblade Chronicles X Bos Art.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U and will release in Japan on April 29. The game will get its western release later this year.

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