4 Tweaks For Your Wireless Router To Improve Your Internet’s Speed

Are your devices (that have access to wi – fi) suffering from a degradation of wireless internet speed? Are you not satisfied with the level of service that you are receiving? Then we have the perfect remedies for you. However, there are number of things that you must understand. Firstly, it is not always expedient to start pointing fingers and assigning blame to your ISP (internet service provider). Majority of the times, the problem originates from your own equipment rather than the service itself. In majority of the cases, it happens to be your wireless router.

Fortunately for you though, here are a few tips that you can use to your advantage if you want to improve your router’s speed and hence your overall internet connection’s speed.

1: Upgrade Your Crappy Router

That’s right! Suffering from a slow internet connection gives the rise to several trial and error techniques that you must employ before sticking out your index finger and pointing it straight to your ISP. The reason why your internet connection is suffering from a lack of speed is because you have a sub – standard router running in your home or office. When we talk about sub – standard, we mean those line – up of routers that have a price tag that ranges between $15 – $20.

Wireless router

When you want to receive the best possible performance from your equipment and/or components, cutting corners by purchasing items of lower price tags will never guarantee a high level of performance (that is if you’re getting a mad discount thanks to holiday seasons and shopkeepers magnanimously slash the prices of their products). Always remember, the higher the price tag, the better the product. You know the popular adage: ‘’you get what you pay for’’, did not become a popular saying for no reason. If your intention is to receive higher performance from your equipment, then it is time you stop skimping over critical products.

2: If You Are Going To Use A Wire, Make Sure It’s Of High Quality

Now, it is a known fact that using an Ethernet cable (connect from your router’s LAN port to your laptop’s or desktop’s Ethernet port) will grant you performance that will easily be able to trounce wireless connectivity’s speeds by miles; so without stuffing unnecessary technicalities, here are a few things that you must force your brain to assimilate.

Ethernet cables wireless router 2

There is not JUST ONE TYPE of Ethernet wire that can be connected to your device’s port. In fact, you would be surprised with how many types there are:

  1. Category 3
  2. Category 5
  3. Category 5e
  4. Category 6      
  5. Category 6a      
  6. Category 7

Just because you are receiving a cable with a nice colour insulating the main wires (take the colour yellow for example), doesn’t exactly make it a high performance cable. We will be discussing each of the performances of these cables in our next topic. However, for the time being, as the universal law goes, next generation equipment and paraphernalia will always be better than its predecessor, or in other words, category 7 will always be able to transmit a higher level of data compared to category 6a. Category 7 will also be far more expensive compared to category 6a.

3: Update The Firmware Of Your Router

Firmware upgrade wireless router

Before happily browsing the internet and looking for a quick firmware update for your router, here are a few precautionary steps that you must follow:

  1. NEVER EVER download the firmware of your router without looking at the proper model of your router. Failing to do so can brick your router in a matter of seconds.
  2. Even after you have found the right firmware for your router, plug in any Ethernet cable in to a vacant Ethernet port of your laptop or desktop and THEN start to update your router. Remember, it is never a good idea to update your router WIRELESSLY, because the router will break the wireless connection while it is updating. During this time, if there is no hardwire connection, the router will brick.

4: Avoid Accepting Routers From Your ISPs

The prattling of sleazy salesman emanating from internet service providing companies is probably why you accepted the company’s router in the first place. We cannot blame you, the words falling from their mouth will be sufficient enough to make stubborn individual enticed enough to make a purchase of whatever they are selling. When it comes down to it, salesmen have two objectives:

  1. Making the company money
  2. Taking a commission from that company

That being said, whenever you receive a phone call from a sales representative saying that if you purchase the company’s router, not only will you be guaranteed a performance upgrade of your internet speed, you will only be required to fill in a small deposit fee and you will enjoy a performance upgrade for all eternity, here is what you mus do. Back slowly away from that phone and indulge yourself in something other activity. From personal experience, the routers being sold by these ISPs deliver unsatisfactory performance because they are comprised up of inferior grade components. In addition, the small deposit fee that they kept on talking about earlier; it will exponentially increase quarterly or even monthly.

ISP wireless router

Rule of the thumb: deny these sales representatives the chance to sell you the company’s routers. You can do a lot better by scouting the market around and looking for a better solution. Sure, the router present in the market will carry a higher price, but the trade- off that you’ll be getting is that it will come with better performance and better range. What more could you ask for?

If there are other tweaks that you can share with us, the comment banks have been present there for one reason; your feedback. Till then, enjoy these tweaks

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