5 All-Female CS:GO Teams You Should Know About

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to be one of the most lucrative titles for professional esports players. Although a few female pros like Christine “potter” Chi have managed to secure spots on mixed-gender teams, the vast majority of professional CS:GO players are men. All-women teams offer an accessible route for female players to raise their profile. While the majority of female team rosters compete in minor tournaments, a handful are quickly establishing themselves as stars of tomorrow. Below, we investigate five of the best CSGO teams with all-female line-ups.

Counter Logic Gaming Red

Established in 2015, CLG Red continues to be a mainstay of professional esports tournaments. In 2019, this all-female team took home more than 140,000 US dollars in earnings, thanks to first-place finishes at events like the NEST Pro Series. Although prize winnings have been down on previous years, CLG Red still stands as one of the best female teams around, with an enviable roster that includes top-tier talent like GooseBreeder.

Nigma Galaxy Female

Previously operating under the Galaxy Racer brand, this all-female team is another one to keep an eye on. Founded in 2019, this team has amassed total winnings of more than 21,000 US dollars. This amount seems small fry compared to the prize winnings of other teams, but when you consider the rather lackluster events schedule of 2020, things start to fall into perspective. In 2019, this team walked away with first place at the GIRLGAMER esports tournament. More recent victories include first place in the 2021 Ambush Female Spring Cup and 2021 Female Championships Cup.

FURIA Esports Female

The all-female arm of the FURIA Esports brand is a team to look out for in the months and years ahead. This Brazilian team was only established in 2020 but has quickly secured some impressive victories and amassed almost 40,000 US dollars in tournament earnings. Although the FURIA female line-up has largely been limited to C-Tier match-ups, nothing can take away from a steady run of first-race finishes. In 2021 alone, this team has secured top-place rankings at events like Gamers Club Masters Feminina IV, BGS Esports, and Grrrls League. Recent team signings include Olga Rodrigues, who has established herself as a star of the future since debuting in 2014 with Dai Dai Gaming.

MIBR Female

Unlike other all-female spin-offs, the female branch of Made in Brazil (MIBR) debuted shortly after the creation of its parent team. MIBR Female have been a competitive presence since 2018. Currently, MIBR female competes almost exclusively in minor tournaments. Although top-place rankings continue to elude them, this team has managed to secure a succession of second-place wins in recent months. They’ve been permanent fixtures of the Gamers Club Masters Feminina circuit since their founding, with their most recent appearance bringing in some of their biggest prize winnings to date. Their total winnings stand at a modest 20,000 US dollars, although recent high-profile signings suggest big things are on the horizon for this all-female roster.

Black Dragons Female

Black Dragons is another major presence in the Brazilian esports sphere. The parent organization was founded way back in 1997. The female Black Dragons roster is a comparatively new arrival, having debuted in 2019. As with many other female teams, Black Dragons have largely been relegated to minor tournaments, but they have performed consistently. Except for a handful of second-place results, the Black Dragons female team has walked away in first-place since entering the fray in 2019.

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