5 of the best JRPG openings

JRPGs are famous for their exquisite and spectacular openings, they tend to mix beautiful music with jaw dropping visuals to prepare the player for the epic adventure ahead. Keeping this in mind I decided to create a list of my favorite JRPG openings, these are in no particular order and are embedded below:

Suikoden IV

Developers: Konami

Platform: PS2

Soundtrack: La Mer

Kingdom Hearts

Developers: Square Enix

Platform: PS2

Soundtrack: Simple & Clean – Utada Hikaru

Persona 4

Developers: Atlus

Platform: PS2, PS Vita (Persona 4 Golden)

Soundtrack: Pursuing My True Self – Shihiko Hirata

Final Fantasy X

Developers: Square Enix

Platform: PS2

Soundtrack: To Zanarkand

Chrono Cross

Developers: Square Enix

Platform: PS1

Soundtrack: Time’s Scar

What are your JRPG openings? Let us know in the comments below.

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