5 Reasons Why Call of Duty: Ghosts Is The Worst Entry In The Franchise

Before I start listing the reasons, I would like to clear a few things. First, I am not from the Battlefield 4 camp; I have been playing Call of Duty since it first came out. Secondly, I have been playing the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts since its release, so some of the points don’t apply to the console release of the game. Anyhow, here are the 5 reasons why I think that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the worst entry in the franchise.

1. False System Requirements:

See, we PC gamers like to test everything out. If you say that these are the minimum system requirements, we are going to put it to the test just to make sure they are actually correct. So, the first thing that everyone focused on, when the minimum system requirements were released, was the 6GB RAM requirement. All the PC publishers list the system requirements for their games prior to their release and most of them let the game run, even if someone’s system doesn’t match those specifications. Same is not the case with Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game just refuses to run if your system’s RAM is less than 6GB. Almost 60% of people in my Call Of Duty group on Facebook were unable to run the game, thanks to the game simply not working if you have less than 6GB of RAM. Most were left wondering if this is the same game franchise that they love so much. A franchise that was known to accommodate even the users who had low to mid range gaming PCs. Many would say that it is the player’s fault for buying the game despite their system not meeting the requirements. However, the thing is the players thought those were the minimum recommended specifications. Who knew that they would be enforced. Hardly any AAA titles have enforced specifications.

After putting the game to the test it was confirmed that the game only required 1.5 to 2GB of RAM to run on low to medium settings and would hardly use 4GB of RAM at higher settings. Why the 6GB RAM requirement then? Well, here’s a question for you: What sounds more ‘next gen’, 2GB minimum ram requirement or 6GB? Maybe someone at Activision said that make sure that we list the minimum system requirements as high as possible, that’s the only way we can make it sound more like a next gen game. Here’s a screen shot that I took while playing the game at high settings with various applications running in the background.


2. No Field of View Settings:

Something that was readily available in the previous entry of the franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, is not in the latest one. Infinity Ward should have learned a thing or two from Treyarch. First, they let the users draw FPS, simply via in game options without a need to run any external program, such as FRAPS, to know what frames you are getting. Secondly, they let you adjust the field of view according to your preference. I have been playing Black Ops II at 90 FOV and believe me, I am finding it really hard adjusting to Call of Duty: Ghosts’ 65 FOV. If you cannot provide such basic functions, then at least don’t patch an FOV fix when someone corrects your mistake. But no, the first thing they did was fix the FOV patch that let the players adjust their FOV settings, basically trying to say that “don’t mess with our game, or else we will ban you.”

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3. A Bit Too Complex:

Gone are the days, when you could simply pick up a Call of Duty game and understand its mechanics in a day or two. No, now it can take up to 2 months or even more to understand the game completely and adjust to it. It is slowly becoming more of a strategic shooter instead of a casual shooter that it is supposed to be. There were 16 perks in Black Ops 2 and there are 35 perks in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Instead of simply choosing 3 or 6 like the previous entries, you now have 8 points to spend on the perks, with each perk having a set cost of points.


Create a soldier, not a class. Now you have 10 different soldiers, each having different load outs and appearances. You can prestige each soldier once, meaning you can prestige 10 times. Also, they could have at least named the soldiers better. Seriously, two soldiers are named Chung and Chang, like Yin and Yang. One more thing I noticed was that the first soldier is named Stevenson. Even if you change the gender, the name doesn’t change. Now you don’t unlock guns simply by leveling up, you get squad points. Maybe the folks over at Activision have been playing a lot of free to play shooters recently. Each gun and its attachments now have a different value of squad points that you must have to unlock them. You earn them by playing the various modes in the game. Good luck spending months trying to figure out which perk and load out is best for your soldiers.

Soldier Customization

If you want to make a game more complex and add RPG elements to it, then please don’t release a new game every year. Give the players time to adjust to your new game, instead of announcing a new entry for 2014.

4. Maps Are Huge:

Call of Duty has always been known for its adrenaline pumping combat. You didn’t have to spend an enormous time searching and killing the enemy. Had I preferred that, I would have shifted to Battelfield a long time ago. Seriously, they should have understood this by seeing which maps were being played the most in the previous entries of the game. People hardly choose maps that are deemed huge. Most of the people used to play on Rust, Skidrow and Highrise in Modern Warfare 2 and Dome, Hardhat or Underground in Modern Warfare 3.

In Call of Duty: Ghosts, you will spend most of your time running around the map looking for enemies or camping in a spot, hoping for someone to cross your path. Sometimes I complete 2 laps around the map, before I spot an enemy. Ain’t nobody got time for that, if I may add. The smallest map in the game is the Free Fall map, but it’s only available to those who pre-ordered the game. Longer maps mean longer learning time. Add the latest scenery changing dynamics to it and you have to learn the same map twice.

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5. Search and Destroy not readily available:

Here’s the thing: while people don’t play this mode in public matches, it’s the most popular mode in private matches. In public matches, the main purpose of the player is to level up his character and to get acquainted with the various guns at his disposal. In private matches, specially in Search and Destroy mode where you get a single life each round, you put your experience to the test. I know what Activision did. They knew that people wouldn’t play Search and Rescue at all, so they got rid of Search and Destroy. They have announced that the game mode will return on the 15th of November with a simple playlist update. Such gimmicks just prove that they themselves don’t have faith in their newly introduced game modes.

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I want to add that I will still continue playing Call of Duty: Ghosts, despite all of its problems. The reason is that most of my friends have already bought it and fun is where friends are. Hopefully, Titanfall will change our minds and force us all to shift from this game. Most of the guys are saying that they will only buy a Call of Duty game developed by Treyarch and not Infinity Ward.

I think that the next entry in the series should be multiplayer only. A free to play Call of Duty is already being developed for China, so why not make it for everyone? There’s no need to release a new game every year. Take your time and give us a good game that people will remember and play for a long time.

Have more reasons to support my case? Let’s us know in the comments section below.

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