Five reasons why the iPad 4 is worth $399 and why you should get it

Five reasons why the iPad 4 is worth $399 and why you should get it

The iPad 2 has finally been removed from Apple’s entry level tablet section and has been replaced with something that has a bit more punch compared to the prehistoric predecessor. Introducing the iPad 4, the tablet which has finally been placed for the consumer to fulfil his / her mobile computing delights. Here, we look at five reasons why the iPad will be worth your $399 dollars.

1. Its price tag

Five reasons why the iPad 4 is worth $399 and why you should get it

We realize that $399 for a tablet isn’t something that you can waltz right in to an Apple store and get rid of $399 of your hard earned cash in the blink of an eye. Thousands of people have extremely tightly bound financial constraints and cannot commit themselves to spending such a large amount on a tablet. However, if you look at the alternative, the iPad 2 was ridiculously overpriced, given the technical specifications that it possessed. Currently, the iPad Air’s starting price is at $499 so in the end, $399 for a 16 GB iPad 4; we think it’s worth it.

2. It has a retina display

Five reasons why the iPad 4 is worth $399 and why you should get it

The iPad 2 is probably the most ancient tablet that you can ever purchase (apart from the first ever tablet that Apple had released). With no retina display and a bunch of other obsolete components incorporated in to its chassis, Steven Spielberg would not have a hard time casting the iPad 2 in his next Jurassic Park movie. The iPad 4 however, is several levels higher than the near forgotten iPad. Although Apple’s current flagship tablet, the iPad Air, happens to be the thinnest, lightest, and fastest iPad around, it doesn’t mean that the iPad 4 cannot hold its own against extremely taxing apps and multitasking operations.

3. It has a very capable processor

Five reasons why the iPad 4 is worth $399 and why you should get it

Armed with Apple’s formidable A6X SoC (system on chip); which is clocked in at 1.6 GHz and also supplemented by 1 GB of RAM, you will easily be able to experience the smoothest operating system in play. Sure, it might not be as fast as Apple’s A7 processor and might not have a sidekick M7 processor to help allay the less taxing applications, but you’re still getting an overall satisfactory package. Long story short, Apple’s A6X dual chip will be able to chew anything that you throw in its way, for the time being at least. However, if you still feel that the performance capability of the tablet is way below your satisfaction level, you can always price the iPad 4 at a depreciated tag and sell it on eBay or any other open market e – commerce website.

4. Extra bundled features

Five reasons why the iPad 4 is worth $399 and why you should get it

After new products were unveiled by the Cupertino based company, Apple also resorted to releasing a different variant of a charger, much to the lividness of Apple’s product owners. In addition to the Retina Display, the iPad 4 also comes equipped with Apple’s new Lightning connector, so as a result, you will not only be able to experience a crisp and detailed resolution, your iPad 4 will be charged at a much faster pace. Unfortunately, apart from the 16 GB version, there aren’t any other versions of the iPad 4 being sold in a completely new package. However, if you search effectively, then you can easily grab an iPad 4 that has a WiFi + Cellular feature for as low as $449 – $499 range. Not only this, on Apple’s Refurbished Online Store, you can grab yourself a 64 GB capacity version, though it will carry a hefty price tag of $529. So if you have spare cash left to waste and you absolutely need the extra capacity to stuff absolutely everything from music to videos to photos, then this version is the perfect version for you.

5. The iOS operating system

Perhaps the most important reason to purchase the iPad 4 is the fluid experience that your eyes can witness on a tablet. Though not without its flaws, the iOS still happens to be the smoothest mobile operating system present in the world.

If there are other reasons why the iPad 4 should be purchased, then you can always leave a comment in the banks below. Enjoy your next iPad purchase.

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