5 things that make Aiden Pearce’s life fabulous

5 things that make Aiden Pearce's life fabulous

Have you ever been asked the popular question that if you could trade your life with anyone, who would it be? After playing Watch Dogs, we believe we have found the person that we want to trade lives with. After all, crime fighter (or vigilante, depending on how you see it) by day and hacker by night, there are so many perks that make Aiden Pearce’s life fabulous. Let us take a look at five of them.

1. Having a smartphone with a perpetual battery life

5 things that make Aiden Pearce's life fabulous

We all have the woes of purchasing a smartphone. What entices us most in a smartphone; ranging from gesture controls to voice commands, to ‘on the go’ task completion often means trading a huge portion of battery life. Pop up a game or two, keep your WiFi and packet data enabled to browse through Facebook or Twitter and poof; even Sherlock Holmes will not be able to solve the mystery of your depleted battery. Aiden’s smartphone however, will put every smartphone user to shame and make Aiden and his handheld gadget the source to every gadget lover’s envy.

2. Having no worries about money

5 things that make Aiden Pearce's life fabulous

With over 2.7 million people living in Chicago, the whole city is Aiden’s treasure chest. With bank accounts big enough to appease Moby Dick, right down to struggling workers living on a paycheck, Aiden will never have any issues when it comes to money. It’s like if Aiden is bored with his life and wants to purchase an automatic grenade launcher to keep him busy, all he has to do is take a couple of strolls around the surrounding blocks, hack a couple of spoiled rich kid’s bank accounts, stand in front of the nearest ATM and presto! Pocket money for next upcoming toy. That’s not all. If one day Aiden wants to move around in style and pick up some superficial minded women (no offense to the women), it takes two steps and your luxurious car awaits. Time to drive around Chicago in style.

3. No shortage of entertainment

5 things that make Aiden Pearce's life fabulous

We have to admit, there is a little dormant gossip queen living inside each and every one of us that rises and bonds with our character at the exact same time we are presented with a juicy conversation taking place between two people. For Aiden, the entire city is Aiden’s gossip hub. All he has to do is look for a person texting incessantly on their phones or are in the middle of a call and Aiden will discreetly be able to nose through their conversation. Granted, some conversations end up being extremely drab but it’s not too bad. There are other individuals who love telling their sob stories or an incident that has left them in a compromising predicament to their confidants and that is that something gossip animals like us just don’t want to miss.

4. Getting a chance to do some good

5 things that make Aiden Pearce's life fabulous

Say what you will about Aiden but no matter how developed a city is, there is always going to be some percentage of crime plaguing the city. That is where Aiden comes in. If the police aren’t going to do their job properly and if these criminals can continue to execute acts of violence with impunity, then it’s something that an individual like Aiden Pearce just isn’t going to ignore.

5. Playing around with city’s infrastructure

5 things that make Aiden Pearce's life fabulous

There is only so much money spending, high rolling, conversation eavesdropping and crime fighting that Aiden Pearce can do before he will just end up getting tired of it all. Time for a change in pace. Since majority of the infrastructure in Chicago is automated, Aiden is going to be extremely busy bursting underground steam pipes, activating road blockers and spike strips. If things start getting colorless, there is always that old fashioned transformer explosion that causes a temporary electricity black out. Even though after mere seconds, the power is restored, the look of panic on people’s faces is priceless. Looks like government expenditure is probably going to be increased thanks to the havoc that Aiden has caused.

If a genie were to grant us one wish, it would definitely be having a life like Aiden Pearce’s. Would you trade your life to experience the hacker’s? Let us know in the comments below.

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