6 improper ways of fixing, carrying and placing your hardware

6 improper ways of fixing, carrying and placing your hardware

Every time you purchase a new piece of equipment or a new gadget, you will most likely end up performing routine maintenance procedures on it in attempts to make it look brand new once more. There are right ways of maintaining your equipment and then there are ways that you should avoid completely. Unfortunately, for majority of us; we do not know the differences between the proper and improper ways of taking care of your technological paraphernalia. To help you distinguish between the two ways of taking care of your hardware, here are six improper ways to fixing, carrying and placing your hardware, which you should avoid at all costs, if your technological belongings hold any value to you.

1. Never powering off your devices

Believe it or not, like living things, even electronic gadgets and gizmos need to be given time to breath if you want to prolong their longevity (in terms of working equipment as well as battery life). Once in a while, you should shut down your laptop and / or reboot your smartphone or tablet to prevent its lifespan from decreasing. We are not saying that you perform this operation on a daily basis. Performing it once every 3-4 months will suffice.

2. Using laptops without a laptop stand

 6 improper ways of fixing, carrying and placing your hardware

Placing your laptop on a hard flat surface is an okay thing to do because there will be a gap between the hard surface and the laptop (thanks to 4 rubber feet placed evenly around the corners of the laptop). The thing that will end up decreasing the total lifespan of your laptop and its respected components is when you end up placing it on an uneven surface such as a bed or a mattress. That will block all the air vents of the laptop, the hard drive, the RAM modules as well as prevent proper air flow to cool the battery.

As a result, your laptop and its respected components will start to heat up well beyond their threshold and the surrounding heat will reach the remaining components of the laptop, heating them up well their level and decreasing their lifespan as a result. The proper remedy; either place your laptop on a flat even surface or purchase a laptop stand that comes with or without a cooler (won’t make much of a difference if the laptop comes equipped with a fan or not).

3. Wrapping your charging cables in a haphazard manner

 6 improper ways of fixing, carrying and placing your hardware

When you have decided to go to a friend’s place or a trip outside or within the country, one of the necessary items that you will be carrying towards the beginning and the end of your trip will be your smartphone and its accessories. Out of the several accessories, chargers happen to be the ones that require to be taken care of the most because smartphone vendors do not exact bundle resilient cables that can withstand a large amount of wear and tear. In fact, if charger cables are yanked several number of times, the cable can actually be severed from the charging plug, prompting you to purchase another cable. We recommend that you stay away from 3rd party chargers and purchase the company chargers. These chargers will no doubt cost more, but they are miles better than the 3rd party chargers. Trust us, you will show us gratitude in the future.

4. Transporting your gadgets without proper protection

Whenever you decide to stuff all of your gadgets in a backpack, make sure that all of them (ranging from tablets to laptops and other electronic items) have a protective case surrounding them at the bare minimum. Failure to do so, and you are basically asking for busted screens and dented corners around your gadgets. Additionally, your electronics should be housed in a military grade bag or case where there will be minimum movement being carried around inside the backpack all day to prevent any kind of damage to the screen.

5. Using strong chemicals to clean your hardware

 6 improper ways of fixing, carrying and placing your hardware 6 improper ways of fixing, carrying and placing your hardware

Overzealous users will end up using corrosive acid on their gadgets if it means keeping their hardware squeaky, clean and in near perfect condition. Unless specified by the manufacturer, do not make attempts to clean your hardware or your gadgets with strong chemicals. Strong chemicals will most likely eat through the coating of your screen. We are reiterating this point once more. Follow the manual that comes bundled with your hardware. If it does not specify the use of a chemical that you attempt to use on the screen of your smartphones, tablets, laptops or computer screens, do not use them to clean them up.

6. Attempting to remove scratches off your devices using household materials

 6 improper ways of fixing, carrying and placing your hardware

If you erroneously end up dropping your smartphone or tablet and it ends up getting a visible scratch on the screen, then the only expedient way to make that prominent scratch go away is to give the device away for screen replacement (if the conditions of screen replacement are stated in the device’s documentation). Whatever news you have heard or the miracles that your acquaintances keep spreading on how you can use items such as sandpaper, baking soda or even vegetable oil to get rid of the visual appearances of the scratches, are all lies. If you want to experiment on your devices, then be our guest. However, our one and only recommendation will be to perform a screen replacement procedure.

Perhaps now you will be looking at your hardware far more meticulously than before. Performing all the above pointers can be avoided. All you have to do is look for the appropriate and easiest way to maintain your hardware and they will last you longer than you’d had hoped.

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