8 Minutes Of New Prey Gameplay Shows Off Weapons And Powers

After the reveal of Prey’s gameplay world premiere at The Game Awards 2016, Bethesda Softworks has now released a new extended video showing off some further features of the game.

In the gameplay video, we get to see some of the tools, weapons and powers available to protagonist Morgan Yu. To start with, weapons such as pistols and shotguns are present in the game, but they are rare, and it is encouraged to find creative alternative ways to defeat enemies and solve problems in the game.

A tool known as the Neuromod can be used to learn and upgrade alien powers, such as the ability to morph into a coffee mug using a power known as Mimic Matter or the Superthermal ability that lets you conjure up a vortex of flame.


We also got a look at some of the tools available to the player such as the GLOO Cannon, that can not only be used to freeze enemies in place, but can also be used to create footholds to make traversal easier as well as other uses such as shutting off gas valves. From what we can tell, the GLOO Cannon will be one of the most useful items in the game.

The game will also feature some form of a crafting mechanic that can be utilized through an in-game machine known as a Fabricator. A grenade-like item called the Recycler Charge can be tossed into an area to convert the items present there into “Material Fragments.” These can then be used at a Fabricator to create any item in the game as long as you possess it’s Fabrication Plan.

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Prey is set for a release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC sometime in Spring 2017. The game is not a sequel or a remake of the original Prey, but should instead be looked at as a re-imagining of the IP.

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