9 YouTube Educators You Should Follow

Technology has been making education more engaging and fun. Flexible learning, access to learning materials, and immersive learning experiences make students’ quest to make their academic goals more manageable. Students have a lot to leverage – from free to premium learning materials – in their academic pursuits.

YouTube educational materials are among the resources that students can hardly ignore. YouTube is packed with all sorts of learning materials. The platform provides a rich pool of resources, from lessons to guidance on such things as organizing and time management skills. While YouTube is a go-to for most students, the trick is in finding the best channels.

Navigating the extensive pool to find the best YouTube educators might be challenging. However, noting that YouTube educators and professional services like paper writer allow students to enjoy smooth learning progress, it is worth the time and energy invested. Here is a glance at some of the top YouTube educators you should follow.

Crash Course

Crash Course boasts over 10 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views. Crash Course is an ideal channel in various fields including:

  • history;
  • anatomy;
  • physiology.

Launched in 2006, Crash Course has stood the test of time providing learners with access to reliable materials.

Khan Academy

If you’re looking for a traditional class setting, Khan Academy is the right channel for you. The instructor, just like in a class setup, explains the learning materials in front of viewers. Each session covers a particular concept explained and illustrated using examples.

Viewers enjoy tutoring in subjects such as:

  • science;
  • math;
  • economics;
  • computing.

Launched in 2006, Khan Academy has amassed over 5 million followers and a billion views.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a popular institution. The channel is an extension of the great learning experience they offer. The YouTube education channel provides free lessons, including some real-life curricula offered by the institution. Among the top subjects covered are:

  • statistics;
  • engineering;
  • science.

Launched in 2005, the channel boasts over three million subscribers and over 150 million views.


Minutephysics is the go-to YouTube education channel for students working to hone their science skills. The channel utilizes engaging animations, thus making learning more fun. With animated lessons, students will find it easier to learn and retain information. The educational YouTube resource has amassed over five million subscribers and 400 million views.


In the modern tech-driven world, keeping up with the trends can’t be stressed enough. Students don’t have to be tech majors to enjoy Computerphile lessons. The channel provides in-depth lessons covering all things about technology and innovations.

Viewers enjoy a range of exciting trivia covering the world of computers. This makes it easier to keep up with the emerging trends. Computerphile has been around since 2009. The channel has garnered over 1.9 million subscribers and 100 million views.

Thomas Frank

Learning is not all about exploring academic materials. Thomas Frank channel is a go-to channel for students looking to boost their productivity. The channel boasts over 2 million subscribers and 90 million views.

Thomas Frank channel helps students to uncover concerns such as time management hacks. The practical tips help students get the most out of their time, improve their performance, and enjoy a smooth learning experience. Time management hacks such as how to work on challenging topics help students deliver top-notch work, beat the deadlines, and stay on course.

Applied Science

Understanding concepts is easier if a student can establish how they work in real life. The Applied Science channel helps learners establish how science and tech are applied. From simple applications such as tech in a student’s life to complex scientific applications, the channel provides resources that make science and tech less complicated to understand.

The Applied Science channel has been around since 2006. It has gathered over 50 million views and 700 thousand subscribers.

The Organic Chemistry Tutor

The channel is an ideal resource for students looking to hone their skills in:

  • general and organic chemistry;
  • precalculus and calculus;
  • physics;
  • algebra;
  • trigonometry.

With engaging tutorial videos, the channel equips students with the needed skills to excel in their fields. The channel boasts over 3 million subscribers. This showcases its effectiveness in delivering reliable educational content.

In A Nutshell

The channel makes understanding scientific concepts fun. Through engaging animated videos, students learn a range of scientific topics, including wormholes. In A Nutshell has been providing captivating scientific videos since 2013. The channel has gathered over 750 million views and 10 million subscribers.


The resources mentioned above are only a few channels a student can follow for their academic needs. Students can find YouTube educators matching their needs regardless of their academic level. In addition, the subscription doesn’t cost a fortune which makes the channels more accessible than special websites with courses.

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