A brief history on web games where you can earn money

Everyone remembers playing their first video games and the distinct feeling it gave you that nothing at the time did. I remember playing my first video game when I was 8, my uncle brought me a PS1 from his trip to Australia as a birthday present, which changed things for me forever. My first game was the first Resident Evil, yes I know not the best choice for an 8-year-old but things weren’t different back then. As I didn’t have a memory card for months, I would play the game from the start and freak out every single time when the player faces their first zombie in that infamous scene that almost every gamer can remember vividly from memory. That connection with gaming developed over the years and as the medium evolved, it led to more opportunities for gamers making it more than just a disposable source of entertainment. Gaming is special because due to its interactivity its able to take in influence and ideas from other mediums and make them better.

Gaming is a fairly expensive hobby, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer who buys multiple games a month and owns multiple platforms. As gaming expanded its horizons, it led to opportunities to make money for the gamers playing those games. Some of the more popular ways to earn money by playing games is through the blend of video games and traditional risk-inclusive games like those seen in the bright and loud game rooms of Las Vegas.

Fruit Machines, Puggy or as its most well-known name Slot Machines are some of the most popular games that people play online to make money. A Slot Machine can have several layouts and designs but the traditional and most common one has three or more reels that spin when activated. The aim of the game is to make the reels line up in certain orders to win, with the amount the player wins’ dependent on how much money they bet at the start.

In terms of design and configuration, there are a lot, however the most common machine sizes tend to be 3×3, 3×5 or 5×3 and so on. The simpler the machine, the higher the probability of a low payout while the more complex machines tend to target the risk taker offering them greater rewards at lower probabilities of getting them.

Slot machines use bright lights and visual cues as well as sounds to keep the player engaged. Online Slot Machine games are even more interactive compared to their physical and traditional counter parts and take advantage of many visual and audio features at their disposal. Over the past few years they’ve risen in popularity and are now the preferred medium as most gamers preferred to play their slots online compared to in a traditional physical game room. In recent years themed slot machines have gone up greatly in popularity with many big media franchises releasing themed slot machines to bring in fans of those aforementioned franchises. There’s also been a rise of machines with slot aspects adjoined with other similar games to offer a new interactive experience for players. Besides, players can find great bonuses or free spins that makes the game more exciting.

Understanding Slot Machines is fairly simple, which adds to their popularity. As mentioned earlier depending on the machine, there can be different layouts for the game, although some game features stay the same. Players get bonuses when they get certain winning combinations, which allow them to get benefits like free spins, or a multiplayer to their winnings. Free spins are one of the main features and featured on almost every Slot Machine, where the player can play risk free rounds that at played without charging the player or them putting anything up as a bet. For instance, 888 ladies free spins can be a great example of how to benefit and receive free rounds while playing online slots.

Lastly Jackpoint is probably the most important of the machine, with every player targeting that infamous text appearing on their screens. The Jackpot usually refers to the winnings that every player competes for and grows over time depending on the rules and regulations that the machine is operating the game on. There’s also a ‘fixed’ amount jackpot that is won by getting certain slots to line up on the machine, with a very high probability attached to that happening. Progressive jackpots are the most popular kind where consolidated contribution of players on a machine or location are collected together. You may have seen a Progressive jackpot in action in a movie like Ocean’s 11.

Modern machines are fitted with microprocessors that help with algorithms and make the game fair and consistent. This helps the game fit in with regional regulations and safeguard the players and game owners. On the digital side, the games played online or in web browsers feature state of the art security with game owners investing heavily in the security of the games. Modern Slots also give freedom to makers to set their own internal rules and odds by allowing them to adjust the odds. They might have certain symbols appearing after every 10 spins or certain patterns showing only after every 30 or so spins. Have this ability will allow them to adjust odds and offer larger jackpots for riskier games.

One of the main reasons slot games have become so popular is ultimately because of them being extremely easy to play, requiring no prior knowledge of the game. Compared to other games, based or cards or dice, which have certain rules; slot games have a two-step process: add credit and spin – that’s it.

Internationally the usage of these machines has also been influenced by culture and other local factors. In Japan for example Pachinko machines have been around for years and are most well-known for giving out toys as “winnings”.

Slot machines are some of the most important games ever created, resulting in 70-80% of the revenue for Casino businesses in the United States. With them constantly evolving with time, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what these machines transform into or shape they take in the near future and distant future.


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