A Way Out: Comparison Between Resolution And Performance Mode On Xbox One X

A Way Out will release today for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. As the developers have confirmed in a recent reddit AMA, the game doesn’t really offer a high resolution mode on the PS4 Pro and instead only the Xbox One X version has the option for Resolution mode or Performance mode.

A Way Out is not exactly a visually stunning game but it can look really great at times. If you are planning to get it on Xbox One X, the comparison below is between the ‘Favor Resolution’ and ‘Favor Performance’ mode on the Xbox One X. The difference between both version mostly boils down to the resolution otherwise the visuals seem to be untouched in either mode.


Since A Way Out requires precise button presses for some of its action segments, the performance mode is the preferred way to go here. In case you can’t spot it, here is an animated GIF between the two modes.


The visual difference between both modes is also mostly limited to the resolution and honestly the split-screen also makes it harder to see how much of an impact resolution has on the game. Performance will have a bigger impact on your game experience so if you have still not settled on a mode, it is best to test out the difference yourself.

A Way Out will launch on March 23 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Read our review of the game to find out more about it.

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