A Way Out: How To Use Friend Pass To Play The Game For Free

Friend Pass is one of the most unique feature that was released for the first time with A Way Out. Hazelight is the developer behind the game and considering it is impossible to play the game alone, the importance of a Friend Pass that lets a player share the game with a friend without having them buy it seems like a worthy feature.

There is currently a lot of confusion over the state of Friend Pass and how it works in the game. This article will attempt to clarify any confusions on how to use the Friend Pass feature so hopefully you can play the game in coop with a friend without any major issue.

How To Use Friend Pass In A Way Out

  • Make your friend download the free trial for A Way Out which is required for the Friend Pass. It should be available in the store depending on your platform of choice (Xbox Live, PSN, Origin).
  • In the game, go to the online mode and then invite your friend. If your friend doesn’t own a copy of A Way Out, they will have to start from the free trial version which should work as the full game.
  • If you want to upgrade the Friend Pass free trial version to full game, select the Buy Game option in the main menu.

The limitations of the friend pass are simply for the achievements that you will be able to earn in the game. Although if you buy the full game, then you will still receive any of the achievements that you earned by playing the friend pass version.

A Way Out is available to play now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can read our review of the game to learn more about it.

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