Absolver Update Version 1.27 Patch Notes For PS4 and PC

Fans will be able to download a new Absolver update version 1.27 today for the PS4. Here’s what is included in it.

Absolver developers are currently hard at work on the Xbox One version, as they have explained it in a blog post. They also shared their post-October update plans and confirmed that a new update will drop next for Absolver version 1.27. Here is what is included in this update.

Absolver Update Version 1.27 Patch Notes For PS4 and PC

A lot of people in the community have been wondering what’s next for Absolver. Since the release of Downfall a month ago, we’ve been working on the post Downfall patches, to improve stability and fix issues, so here is some more information on the main things we’re currently working on!

Regarding the 1.27 patch, it will be debug only and is still being worked on for this week, we apologize for the delay.

Thanks to our dedicated community, it has come to our attention that the Downfall update has introduced new combat behaviours that were not intended nor spotted in the test environment. To put it bluntly: a lot of veterans are saying the game is broken.
We have investigated and identified a couple of Core Combat bugs impacting balance, so the current balance of the game does not reflect the Design intentions.

Here is what they had to say for the Xbox One version of the game, which is their main focus these days.

Developers from all poles (Programming, Art, UI etc.) are focusing on the Xbox version right now: it requires a lot of specific work to make sure the version runs flawlessly on this platform. We are unfortunately not yet able to provide a precise date for the Xbox launch right now, but we are happy to confirm that the Xbox version will have its first certification tests by the Microsoft team in a couple of weeks!

There was no Halloween event this year but the developers have plans to start a Winter themed event. They shared a teaser of the outfits for this event and what they currently plan to do for it.

  • Several snowy 1v1 maps that will replace their usual counterparts
  • Brand new cold regions themed full Sets

Absolver is available now for the PS4 and PC.

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