Advanced Warfare Tip: What’s the best gun in the game?

So I’m having a blast with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and I’m sure many of you guys are too. I luckily managed to get the game early and got a chance to try all the guns in the game. Since the game is new most of you must be wondering what’s the best gun in the game right now? Well allow me to answer that for you.

Since the game mostly has medium to large maps the Assault Rifles have a distinctive edge in the game. So it’s not a surprise that the best gun in the game right now is in the Assault Rifle category. After considerable playtime me and many other players have come to the conclusion that the Bal-27 is the best gun in the game right now. Players can use the Bal-27 right away as it is the first Assault Rifle to be unlocked.


The Bal-27 is a bullpup designed Assault Rifle similar to the P90 from previous games and has the highest fire rate in the weapon class. The Bal-27’s fire rate increases through sustained fire so spraying and praying can prove to be a valid tactic.

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I personally use the gun with Foregrip and Suppressor to rack up high killstreaks, although the Stock works nicely as well. The gun seems to have weird recoil when using a Red Dot Sight so I tend to use the Iron Sights which work perfectly fine.


Is the Bal-27 not working for you? Then you should try out the AK12. Call of Duty: Ghosts players must remember the AK12 as it was probably the most used gun in the game. In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the AK12 has laser gun like low recoil and moderately high damage but the fire rate lets it down. I’m not a fan of the Iron Sights though, but if you manage to get a variant of the gun from one of the Supply Drops then you can use the Iron Sights from Call of Duty: Ghosts which are much better. For attachments I usually go with a Suppressor and Stock.

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Do you agree with the Bal-27 and AK12 being the best guns in the game? Do you think another gun is better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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