Adventure Platformer Dynacorp Expected To Be Released Next Year

For those don’t remember, Dynacorp was the name of the the mining company in the Star Wars expanded universe. Developer Rox Flame is now working on a new 2D adventure platformer by the same name. The game is scheduled to be released in December, 2017 if it manages to get the required pledges.

The game revolves around a friendly little delivery robot, Dynabot, who has been given the task to deliver goods across the galaxy. Sounds like a pretty simple plot, right? But the twist is that the robot has a death ray. Although it is just a mining laser, and supposed to be used for mining purposes only, the robot can still use it on enemies.


The game starts off as Dynabot is given a new assignment to deliver something in another corner of the galaxy and gets lost on a completely unknown alien planet. The player has to to explore various levels, find a way to deliver the package, and then get Dynabot back home safe.

During the quest, Dynabot will come across many different alien species that may or may not be as friendly as they appear. To escape, therefore, he must use his mining laser as a death ray, and fight off creatures who won’t let him escape.

The game still has 29 days to meet its target. Let’s hope it does. If you really want to help Dynacorp out, you can make pledges starting from $5 NZD up to $10,000 NZD or more.


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