Agents of Mayhem Guide: Best Ways To Level Up Agents

Agents of Mayhem

We recently guided players on how to earn a ton of money in Agents of Mayhem. Money is a very important resource in the game, but leveling up your agents is just as important.

In Agents of Mayhem, as players progress through the game, they will unlock new agents. Every agent you unlock will start from level 1 and you will have to level them up individually. There are several different ways to level up your agents, but a lot of these methods are time consuming and not that efficient. By following this guide, players will be able to leveling up their characters in the most efficient way possible, without wasting a lot of time.

Best Ways To Level Up In Agents of Mayhem:

There are numerous ways in which a player can level up his/her agents in Agents of Mayhem, but not all of them are quick and easy. When you unlock a new character, you will have to unlock new skills and abilities by leveling up. These will allow your agent to be more effective on missions.

Completing Side Missions:

It is not surprising to say that side missions are a very efficient way to upgrade your character. There are a ton of side missions in the game, and every single one rewards players with, not on levels, but money as well. Choose the ones that you can complete easily and level up as much as you can, to unlock your agent’s abilities and skills.

Killing Targets of Opportunity:

Targets of Opportunity are enemies that ride around the city in armored vehicles. You can spot them with the help of the purple indicator. Killing the targets itself will not reward players with experience, however, it will give you an opportunity to gain a ton of levels later in the game.

Adding A New Agent To Your Group:

One of the easiest method of leveling up your new agents is by adding them to your group. As the experience is shared between the agents of your group, players can add a new agent to the group and use their higher level agents to complete missions. This way, you will complete missions which will reward you with a ton of experience and you will level up your new agent very quickly. This method also puts you at a disadvantage, as an under leveled agent will not be helpful in the missions, so you will be restricted to playing as the two high level agents, rather than three.

Completing Contracts:

Similar to the side missions, players will get a ton of contracts that they can complete to level up. Like the side missions, the contracts also have other rewards. Aside from money and experience, players will also get items and much more. So you will get a lot by completing these contracts.

Hopefully this guide helped you level up your agents in a short period of time. Agents of Mayhem is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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