Agents of Mayhem Guide: How To Level Up Agency

Agents of Mayhem

Aside from leveling up your agents in Agents of Mayhem, players can also level up their Agency. Leveling up your agency allows players to unlock new upgrades and features that will help them throughout the game.

Before you think about leveling up your agency, make sure you check how much the upgrades will cost. Agency upgrades are very expensive, but if you have money to spare, these upgrades are the best thing to invest in. Once you hit level 6, you can go to the Requisition Desk on the Ark to check for Agency upgrades.

How To Level Up Agency In Agents of Mayhem:

Once you are the appropriate level, players will get an option to upgrade their agency, however, this will cost a lot of money, so make sure you have enough cash to spend on these upgrades.

There are several different methods to level up your Agency. The first method of leveling up your agency is by leveling up your agents. By leveling up your agents, players will gain 2 XP towards their agency levels. So the more agents you level up, the more XP your agency will gain. You can check out our guide on how to level up your agents quickly and efficiently.

The first method requires players to level up their agents to level up their agency, and the next method goes hand in hand with the first one. By unlocking new Agents, players will have more agents to level up and each agent you unlock will give you 5 XP towards your Agency’s level. So by unlocking new agents, players not only get a variety of Agents in their squad, but also level up their agency at the same time. Leveling up those new agents will further benefit your agency level.

You can also level up your agency level by switching to warp points. Each Warp point will reward players with 5 XP, similar to every agent unlock. These methods will set players on their way to leveling up their Agency, to unlock the new features that the agency provides.

All of these methods are great to level up your Agency, however, the best way to level up your agency is by finding vehicles. When exploring Seoul, players will find vehicle blueprints scattered across the city. These blueprints can be found in loot crates around the city. You can use them to find vehicles which can reward players with 7 XP for their agency, which is a lot compared to other methods.

Agency Upgrades And Features in Agents of Mayhem:

As you level up your agency, players will unlock new upgrades and features that will help you in the game. A list of all of these upgrades is given below:

Agency Level 4:

Unlock RnD And Armory Upgrade For Gremlin Tech

Agency Level 5:

Unlock Wreakroom

Agency Level 6:

Unlock Vehicle Bay

Agency Level 7:

Unlock Requisition

Agency Level 8:

Unlock Global Conflict

Agency Level 9:

Unlock Legion Tech in RnD

Agency Level 10:

Unlock Upgraded Mayhem Database and New Items in Requisition

Agency Level 14:

Adds New Items To Requitistion

Agency Level 16:

Unlock Upgrades To Mayhem Database

Agency Level 18:

Adds New Items To Requitistion

Agency Level 20:

Further Upgrades To Mayhem Database

These are all the features that players will unlock by leveling up their Agency. Hopefully this guide helped you level up your Agency in Agents of Mayhem. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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