Albert Penello Leaves Microsoft After 18 Years

Albert Penello was the Senior Director of Marketing for Xbox. He was fairly active with the brand leading to the launch of the Xbox One. He stopped being active after the launch but still used to share comments and his views on Twitter occasionally after the launch of the Xbox One.

Albert Penello has now announced today on his Twitter account that he is leaving Microsoft after working there for 18 years.

Well today is a crazy day. I’ve made the decision after 18 years to leave Microsoft. To say it’s been a “once in a lifetime” experience is an understatement. The team at Xbox has meant so much to me and I’ll be cheering them on – there is so much great stuff still to come.

I want to say thank you to all the fans and followers for the support and encouragement and great feedback over the years. It’s been awesome meeting and talking with so many of you. The FANS are the energy that keeps the team going so keep it up!!

He didn’t share what he plans to do next but we wish him the best luck for his future endeavors. Albert Penello along with Major Nelson were the two leading executives that helped with the launch and marketing for the Xbox One. While Major Nelson is still at Microsoft, Penello has finally left the company after working there for 18 years of his life, which is a long time to spend at one company.

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