Alex Hunter will apparently be able to only play 4 position in FIFA 17’s The Journey

The Journey is a brand new mode coming to FIFA 17 that will put players in the boots of Alex Hunter, a young talent trying to make it in the Premier League. In the recently released demo of the game where fans got to play the start of The Journey, Alex Hunter played as a striker. In the final game we’ll have four positions for him to play at.

The positions are Striker, Center Attack Midfielder, Right and Left Wing. These positions are obviously more “impactful” than compared to for example a Center Back so its obvious why EA limited us to these four.


The Journey is supposed to be a cinematic and action backed experience full of drama so playing a boring position wouldn’t make much sense.

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What position do you wish they’d made available to play in The Journey on FIFA 17? Let us know in the comments.

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