Alien: Blackout Is Potentially The Next Game In The Franchise

20th Century Fox has trademarked Alien: Blackout recently that lines up with teasers for The Game Awards that promise a new game reveal in the Alien franchise.

Alien: Blackout trademark relates to the development of video games so movies can be ruled out for it. The Game Awards is currently set for early December and there is a huge teaser of Alien right in the first trailer for it. This teaser trailer shows Weyland Yutani text and logo in a set of images and aside from there being rumors of a new Alien game, it is our next big hint at an upcoming game.

Alien: Blackout trademark was filed by 20th Century Fox (via) for use with “computer game discs; software, namely game software,” which hints at the game in the franchise. If there is an announcement for it, we can expect to see it at The Game Awards.

After the failure of Aliens: Colonel Marines, the next Alien game was Alien Isolation which was a first-person survival horror game set in the Alien universe. It managed to gain some goodwill back for the franchise and had solid reviews from critics. It hasn’t been followed up with another new game but that might change soon if this trademark and teaser turn out to be for a brand new entry in the series.

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