Spider-Man PS4 physical copies sold out on Amazon, demand greater than expected?

We all expected Spider-Man PS4 to sell well but apparently even retailers aren’t able to keep up with demand as the game has sold out on Amazon.

Similar to what happened last time with Octopath Traveler, the retail giant has sold through its copies of the game and is now showing the game to be “currently unavailable” on the product page.

Many people pre-ordered the game from Amazon in August as they introduced a $10 credit promotional offer which could be a reason for them selling out.

Prime members will receive $10 promotional credit when they pre-order this item. Credit will be sent 30-35 days after the game is shipped or digitally delivered.

We’ll keep you posted when it becomes available again.

PS4 exclusive Spider-Man has been getting reviews with the review embargo going up today. Currently at 87, the game is the highest rated spidey game yet.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 releases on September 7 exclusively for the Playstation 4.

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