Amazon’s New World MMORPG Alpha footage leaked… on PornHub?

Leaked footage of Amazon’s New World MMORPG was uploaded on PornHub of all pages. The footage is by a person playing the Alpha version of the game.

Just over 2 hours of the game’s footage was first seen on the New World Libertarian Discord in the form of a Google Drive file. The footage was the re-uploaded on PornHub as a backup in case the original got removed. Clips of the footage are now available for viewing, where surprisingly they haven’t been taken down yet.

Here’s a quick rundown and some footage courtesy of Less Than Epic:

Amazon’s New World has been under works for years now and was officially revealed back in September of 2016. New World will be Amazon Game Studios’ first “AAA game” as they mainly focus on smartphone titles.

The Leaked Alpha footage of the game shows third-person survival elements in an MMO setting. Gameplay revolves around resource gathering, combat and crafting tools and equipment.

The game’s premises is about people settling in a new undiscovered world, helping and being helped with others along the way.

New World is currently in development for PC. The game does not have a release date yet.

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