AMD: hUMA technology gives PS4 a significant performance edge over Xbox One

In an article published by Germany’s leading IT magazine, AMD’s senior product marketing manager Marc Diana explained that while both consoles were developed by the hardware manufacturer, only the PS4 incorporates its hUMA (Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access) technology. This, according to Diana, puts the PS4’s 3D performance significantly ahead of the Xbox One; more so than many have expected. The hardware manufacturer sees heterogeneous memory access as a vital component for radical performance improvements in combined processors. AMD’s upcoming Kaveri desktop processors for the PC market will also support hUMA.

It should be interesting to be seen if and when these performance gains translate into a noticeable real world advantage in games.

The PS4 is scheduled for release on November 15 and November 29 in the US and Europe, respectively. AMD will provide further details on hUMA at its upcoming developer conference during the same month.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Reviews Editor at GearNuke

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