AMD’s RX 480 looks to avoid supply shortages, initial shipments collapse NVIDIA GTX 1080 units

AMD RX 480

AMD’s RX 480 is one of the most anticipated cards of the year as it offers massive performance at an affordable price point. AMD seems to be going all out with the card and it looks like they’ve planned everything out effectively judging by their reported shipments to stores.

The first batch of cards are hitting US Stores and they seems to be in a very strong supply. On Reddit a customer reported that one Microcenter branch in Overland Park Kansas were set to receive 100 units of the AMD RX 480 on June 28. This is a huge number up from the 4 NVIDIA GTX 1080s the same branch received to have at its launch.

AMD RX 480

The GTX 1080 is still is short supply with many stores who still have cards limiting them to just one per customer. The RX 480 can’t compete with the GTX 1080 in performance but the latter is much more expensive. We’ll leave it to you to decide if the extra performance is worth spending the dollars for you guys. For refference the RX 480 retails for $250 while the GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition usually sells for $700.

Planning on upgrading your Rig? Which card will you be going for? Let us know below.

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