AMD CEO On Sony And MS Consoles: We’re Helping Them With Their Specific ‘Secret Sauce’

AMD stock is on the rise as the company focuses on their key markets. This also includes a partnership with Sony and Microsoft for their gaming consoles. While there no details surrounding their next generation hardware, rumors point towards Sony working with AMD again for their next console. It won’t be surprising to see Microsoft do the same since they value backward compatibility.

In an interview with Jim Cramer for CNBC’s Mad Money, AMD CEO Lisa Su briefly talked about their partnership with Sony and Microsoft.

Answering a question about the partnership with Microsoft, Lisa Su said that AMD values their partnership with Microsoft and gave an example of working with both Sony and Microsoft on console hardware.

“We’re working with both Sony and Microsoft on consoles and they both have their specific secret sauce that we’re helping them do.”

Recently, Shadow of the Tomb Raider devs shared their expectations for the next generation of consoles. There is also a rumor about PS5 being announced in 2019 and featuring AMD Zen architecture, although it might be far-fetched since there is nothing official confirmed so far.

It will be interesting to see what type of shape the next generation of consoles will take, but as it stands, we don’t really have much to go on. AMD is definitely benefiting from this close race between Sony and Microsoft while Nvidia has partnered with Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch hardware.

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