AMD’s new Crimson Drivers are bugged and killing Graphics Cards – Report

PC hardware manufacturer AMD recently released brand new drivers for their Graphics Cards called Crimson which offered improved performance in certain games notably Counter Strike: GO. After a couple of days users are reporting bugs and glitches with the new drivers with the major one killing numerous GPUs.

The Crimson Drivers are supposedly limiting fan speed of the Graphics Cards which are causing them to overheat and die before the user can realize it. Drivers are overiding user setting and setting fan speeds to just 20% which is not suitable especially while playing demanding games.

AMD has yet to talk about the matter while the drivers are still available on the manufacturers website to download.


For those who have the Crimson Drivers installed and are looking for a fix can look into the temporary solution listed here which turns the fan to auto and change speeds as the temperature of your GPU rises. The solution is temporary because it the settings reset with every reboot. Users can also try other fan controlling utilities like Speedfan or MSI’s Afterburner software.

It’ll be interesting to see how AMD handles this as the new drivers are killing Graphics Cards which could lead to a them paying some sort of compensation to those affected.

Here’s to hoping AMD fixes these issues as soon as possible. Are you facing problems with AMD’s new Crimson Drivers? Let us know in the comments below.

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