Andy Bogard returns as part of the King of Fighters XIV roster

Fans of SNK fighting game series such as King of Fighters and Fatal Fury will recognize the character, Andy Bogard. Also known as the human weapon, Andy is the younger brother of Terry Bogard, another fan favorite. With the announcement of King of Fighters XIV, fans are expecting all of their favorite characters to make a return in the latest iteration.


Thanks to the game’s pre-PSX trailer, we can now confirm that Andy Bogard will indeed be returning to King of Fighter XIV to fight alongside other series favorites such as Iori Yagami.

The pre-PSX promo for King of Fighters XIV can be seen in the video below.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”AM5s-Ad4e6s”]

As seen from the trailer, Andy is known for his proficiency in acrobatic skills, all thanks to his ninjutsu training. He employs Koppouken as his fighting style, which is an old Japanese martial art that incorporates certain Karate and Ninjutsu moves.  The fighting style emphasizes on targeting vulnerable parts of the body and breaking bones.

A release window for King of Fighters XIV has yet to be announced, though it is known that the game will arrive exclusively on the PS4. In the comments below, let us know what other KoF favorites you’d like to see in this latest iteration.

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