Anonymous;Code is the latest effort by Steins;Gate developers

5pb are a talented bunch as their last game Steins;Gate was simply fantastic. Now they’re working on a brand new game called Anonymous;Code authored by Chiyomaru Shikura. The game stars hacker Poron Takaoka as the main protagonist and a girl called Momo Aizaki.

Check out the Anonymous;Code’s debut trailer below:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”8gmHgMYW69w”]

Our hero hacker Poron’s “loop” ability allows him store and load his life encounters. The game’s story stars off in 2036 where an important place in Tokyo is destroyed after the city’s computers go out of control. The game itself take place in 2037 in Tokyo’s Nanako’s district.

An even larger event is predicted to take place in 2038 so humans command the Supercomputer Gia to create a simulation of Alternate Earth to better understand the effects of the event. After “Arecibo Message” is injected into the simulation, the Alternate Earth get populated by Humanity. Later the Alternate Earth’s human’s create an Earth simulator of their own which makes the residents of the original Earth wonder if they’re part of a simulation as well. Now this is some really funky stuff.

5pb also announced a sequel to Steins; Gate in the form of Steins;Gate 0. Both games don’t have a release date yet but we’ll keep you posted. What do you think of Anonymous;Code? Let us know in the comments below.

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