Another Retail PlayStation 4 Bricked Out Of The Box

Next-gen officially begins from tomorrow but apparently for many it has already begun…and failed on them. Many retailers in US have started shipping pre-orders of the customers and many have already received their pre-orders. Happy and eagerly waiting to plug in to the next-generation and what happens? Their PlayStation 4 is already bricked right out of the box. These incidents were first reported by winners of a PlayStation 4 through Taco Bell promotion but later on spread out to retail unit buyers as well. Many started having problems after the Day One 1.50 update when it was downloading directly on the PlayStation 4. Those who have updated their PlayStation 4 using the USB method have reported no such issues so far. While others have other problems which showcase GPU issues by overlapping of the UI, loose HDMI port on the back and more.

One reddit user also got his PlayStation 4 bricked out of the box and after an hour long call with Sony, it was determined that the PlayStation 4 wasn’t even going into safe mode and only displayed a pulsating blue light on the console. Sony is aware of the issue and is working round the clock to fix it. Sony support will be sending boxes to the consumers who are facing the problems so that they can ship the console free of charge and get it replaced with a new one.

You can check out the video of a faulty PlayStation 4 right out of the box below:

Sony’s Worldwide Stduio’s President, Shuhei Yoshida, assured everyone that Sony is aware of the issue and are investigating it and also that the number of affected PlayStation 4’s is very small compared to the shipped units.

PlayStation 4 is the most anticipated next-generation console. These issues that have arisen have now double-minded the people who didn’t pre-order the console but were about to pick one up from a retail store. We hope that the issue is sorted out soon.

What do you think about these issues arising? Are you one of the affected people? Let us know in the comments below.


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