Anthem: Does Anthem have Split-screen?

Anthem by Bioware is finally here, and it’s a multiplayer only title. Are you wondering if Anthem has split-screen so you can team up with your friend the old fashioned way? Read on to find out.

Keeping in mind you’ll be taking on hordes of enemies while playing and you might want to team up with your Friends. It’s entirely possible to play as a single player as well as by forming a squad with your friends online.

However, some of us may just want to play it like the old school way, split-screen and side by side with our friends. So, you could be thinking, is there a split-screen mode in Anthem?

Does Anthem have Split-screen?

Unfortunately, there is no split screen offered by the Bioware’s latest title Anthem. The only way to team up with friends is to register them as friends on your platform of use and request them to join. It’s a shame, some of us actually enjoyed split-screen on our favorite titles. Unfortunately, only a handful of AAA titles offer split screen nowadays. Moreover, with games heavily focusing on high-end graphics details will end up leaving the hardware struggling. It already takes a lot out of the systems while running games with such high-end requirements, adding split-screen would just make it even harder.

Will Anthem get Split-screen in future?

Don’t expect Anthem to get a split-screen in an update in the near future. Neither has the developer hinted on anything regarding this. If Anthem does somehow get some kind of local multiplayer options, we’ll be sure to let you know. However, we wouldn’t hold our breath on it.

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That’s all you need to know right now related to whether or not Anthem has split-screen.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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