Anthem: Freelancer Down Bug Fix

Like any other similar title, Anthem also has a few bugs and glitches, the most common one being Freelancer Down Bug. If you’re looking for a fix to the bug as well then this article will guide you.

The latest release by Bioware has a very few number of bugs compared to other games. However, there is one bug, in particular, that will halt your progress in Anthem. It’s being called the Freelancer Down Bug. If you have already encountered it then keep on reading to find how to get around it.

What is Freelancer Down Bug in Anthem?

During the mission of escaping the Fortress of Dawn in Anthem, you have to defeat a few waves of Dominion. Unfortunately, due to the Freelancer Down Bug, the enemies do not stop coming. Moreover, you also have to destroy a generator but that is if you get through the waves of enemies. This bug halts the progress of the players as they are not able to escape the Fortress of Dawn no matter how many enemies you eliminate. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to Freelancer Down Bug in Anthem.

How to fix Freelancer Down Bug in Anthem?

There are two known fixes for Freelancer Down Bug in Anthem. The recommended solution which works for everyone is by playing solo in a private lobby. You will have to start the mission all over again but you will not encounter the Freelancer Down Bug this way.

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Other than this, the easier but unreliable solution is to have everyone in your team die. This will take you back to the last checkpoint and hopefully, you won’t encounter the Freelancer Down Bug again. You might have to try the second solution a number of times for it to work.

When will the Freelancer Down Bug be fixed in Anthem?

There is no official news on the matter but you can expect Bioware to patch the Freelancer Down Bug in Anthem in the future updates. This is all on Freelancer Down Bug Fix, comment below for any more questions.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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