Anthem Hasn’t Received A Single Update For The Game Or On Social Media In A Month

Anthem was once the most anticipated game of this year but it, unfortunately, didn’t turn out that well. Anthem’s post-launch controversy was worse than Mass Effect Andromeda for both EA and Bioware.

Before releasing Anthem on February 22, the developers had shared a roadmap for the updates that they were planning to release for the game. After Anthem was released, they have failed to deliver on the promises of the roadmap and scrapped it altogether. They are behind schedule on some of the updates and features that should be in the game now, and they were supposed to share a new roadmap for the game.

All of this hasn’t happened so far, and as we have covered earlier, this has led to the Anthem community feeling isolated from the developers. If you head over to the official social media account for the game, there has been complete silence on them since last month. There was no update shared for it despite Anthem being promised as GaaS release which should mean an active support post-launch for it.

Bioware has started to work on the next Dragon Age after Anthem while rumors talk about a skeleton crew being left behind to work on updates for the game. This has made those who bought the game at launch feel betrayed because of how they were promised strong post-launch support.

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