Anthem: How to download on PC?

Along with Xbox One and PS4, Anthem is available on the PC as well. Unlike the consoles, getting Anthem on PC could be tricky so follow the guide below to download Anthem on PC.

Players take the role of Freelancers and battle against a shadowy faction. Moreover, the players have customizable Exosuits called Javelins which they use to battle their enemies. All of this, while exploring the ruins of a world that keeps on changing.

If you plan on downloading Anthem on PC, follow the instructions below.

How to download Anthem on PC?

The instructions are simple, all you need to do is to log on to Origin’s website and search for the game in the search box or find it the applicable categories. Next, you will have the ‘Get the Game’ option in orange on the game’s page. After that, you will have to select the edition between Standard Edition and Legion of Dawn Edition.

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Depending on your choice, you will be able to download Anthem to PC on Origin’s application after payment procedures are completed. People who choose to pre-order the game will also get a bonus on their orders. Also, Origin Access Premier will allow the players to get the game earlier than official release on PC. Only Xbox One and PC have received early access to Anthem while PS4 did not receive any such early access to the game.

What is the file size of Anthem on PC?

The game will require almost 50GB, the same space as Xbox One to run on PC but you can expect the installation file to be slightly smaller. This is all about downloading Anthem on PC. Comment below for anymore questions.

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