Anthem: How to download on Xbox One

Anthem, the latest action-RPG by Bioware is coming to the Xbox One along with PC and PS4. Here is a guide on how to download Anthem on Xbox One.

The game received a 10 hour trial before the release given that players had EA access, which is console exclusive to the Xbox One.

Anthem is a mulitplayer-first Action RPG, and is the latest game by the original developers of the Mass Effect Trilogy. The game had been in development for 7 years and is one of EA’s most ambitious titles to date.

If you are planning to download the game on your Xbox One, here are all the instructions you need to follow.

How to download Anthem on Xbox One?

Downloading the game is similar to other games on Xbox One. You will have to log on to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One using your account. Next, you have to find the game which you can do by using search box or you can find it in the applicable categories. On the game’s page, choose the edition you want between Standard Edition and Legion of Dawn Edition. Lastly, follow the payment procedures to get Anthem on Xbox.

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Moreover, it is important to add that people who pre-order the game will receive a bonus on their orders. Also, the 10 hour trial to the game is only available with EA Access membership.

What is the file size of Anthem download on Xbox One?

Anthem’s file size is estimated to be around 50 GB on Xbox One. This will change with the future updates that will be released for the game. This all you need to know on getting Anthem on Xbox One. For anymore questions about the game, leave a comment below.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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