Anthem: How to Get All Medals

The latest release by Bioware features a Medal system. If you’re wondering how to get all medals in Anthem and what do they do then keep on reading.

Anthem mission end with a result screen which shows you the Medal and Feats you have earned. The Medals are according to your performance in a mission and your play style. You have to accomplish specific tasks in a mission which ultimately win you a medal.

What are the Medals in Anthem?

There are a total of four Medals in Anthem namely:

  • Artillery
  • Executioner
  • Soldier
  • Sage

Read on to find out how to earn all Medals in Anthem.

How to earn Medal in Anthem?

Earning Medals in Anthem has a lot to do with the feats you earn which basically determines which Medal you get. To put more simply, all Medals are up against each other and the type of Feats which are highest in number will win you a Medal accordingly.

Moreover, the feats have tier a system, you get a bronze, silver and gold feat. Also, the gold feat has the highest weightage in which medal you will get in the end. So you earn the Medal you want by earning the maximum number Feats of that Medal’s category.

What are the different Feats in Anthem?

There are a total of 16 feats in Anthem which are associated with a Category according to which you get a Medal and have three tiers. Moreover, you can access the list of feats in Anthem by opening the map and heading to the tab called Tracked. Here is a list of feats:

  • Ally Javelins Repaired – Revive team members
  • Combos – Using attack combos on enemies
  • Collection – Finding collectibles
  • Elite Slayer – Eliminating elite enemies
  • Gear Master – Eliminating enemies with gear
  • Legendary Slayer – Eliminating elite enemies
  • Materials Harvested – Collecting crafting materials
  • Melee Master – Eliminating enemies with melee attacks
  • Multi-Kills – Eliminating more than one enemy at the same time
  • Mission Complete – Completion of a mission
  • Reinforcement – Helping others on missions
  • Stronghold Complete – Successful completion of a stronghold
  • Ultimate Master – Eliminate enemies with ultimate ability
  • Weak Point Striker – Striking enemy weak points to eliminate them
  • World Events – Complete free play world events
  • Weapon Master – Eliminate enemies using weapons

After getting the Medal at the end of the mission in Anthem, all Feats are reset and starts over for the next mission.

What do you get from earning Medals and Feats in Anthem?

There isn’t much you get by winning Medals and Feat in Anthem other than experience, the higher gold tier Feats you have of the same category, the increased chance you will have in winning the Medal of that category. Also, you will get most experience for gold tier Feats and least for bronze tier Feats.

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This is all you need to know about the Medals and Feats in Anthem. If you have any more questions then leave a comment below.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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