Anthem: How to get Legendary Contracts

Anthem post-game content has a set of high difficulty missions called Legendary Contracts. Here is all you need to know about how to get Legendary Contracts.

These contacts are a type of side missions that have a difficulty level that is much higher than other side missions. Moreover, you can only access these contracts given you have completed a few requirements including the completion of the main story. Also, you can only take on three Legendary Contracts in a day.

Difference between Standard Contracts and Legendary Contracts in Anthem?

Contracts are basically short re-playable missions in Anthem that would increase reputation with different factions. The standard contracts are easier and are less rewarding.

On the other hand, Legendary Contracts are very hard but they are more rewarding, there is a higher chance of receiving Legendary or Masterwork gear.

How to get Legendary Contracts in Anthem?

The Legendary Contracts are given to you by the same characters who will give you missions at Fort Tarsis. These characters belong to the Arcanists, the Sentinels, and the Freelancers; the three factions from Anthem. However, you will not receive these contacts until you have completed the game and reached level 30. Next, you need to have completed all the side missions from these characters and lastly, you will have to complete a repeatable contract for each faction. Having done all of this, you can walk up to that character to receive a Legendary Contracts in Anthem.

What do you get from Legendary Contracts in Anthem?

After the completion of the main story, Legendary Contracts offered in Anthem are an opportunity of getting Legendary and Masterwork gear. This gear can help you in increasing your ranking and getting to the Grandmaster difficulty level.

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Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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