Anthem: How to Level-Up Fast

In Anthem, you need to Level-Up to unlock the three levels of Grandmaster Difficulty. Here is a guide on how to Level-Up fast in Anthem.

The Leveling-Up process requires XP which aren’t exactly easy to earn. Going through the campaign story, you are expected to reach around level 20 but from there it gets hard.

The Leveling-Up process gets slower and you require a lot of XP to reach level 30, where you get access to the best gear. Here are a few tips for Leveling-Up quickly in Anthem.

How to Level-Up Fast in Anthem?

Teaming Up

This might be the easiest way to earn some extra XP. Anthem rewards you with bonus XP depending on the number of players that are in your squad. So we recommended that you play with your mission set to public.

XP Farming in Free-play

Free-play is another way to gain XP. Completing a world event will be counted as a general feat and will grant you XP. Completing the first event gets you 200XP, second gets you 400XP and the last one get you 800XP. Later, you can go back to Fort Tarsis to reset feat tracker and get back at it again.

Difficulty Set on Hard

Having your difficulty set on the highest available option in Anthem allows more enemies to be spawned and overall, you will earn more XP. It might sound hard but with practice, you won’t feel the difference between hard and easy difficulty settings.

Feats During Missions

During a mission, if you open your inventory then will find out how close you are to completing a feat. Feats are basically tasks related to reviving teammates or getting multi-kills, things you already do in missions. At the end of the mission, you receive extra XP for feat completion.

XP Farming in Quick Play

Quick play will team you up with squads that have empty slots. You can land into any mission or stronghold, even missions closer to the end of the campaign story. Moreover, you could be lucky enough to join a mission at the end and earn easy XP to expedite the Leveling-Up process in Anthem.

Contract Completion

Completing contracts will also earn you XP which is more than usual missions. Contracts can be picked up from NPCs or from notice boards at Fort Tarsis. Moreover, Legendary contracts appear after completion of normal contracts which are even more rewarding in term of XP and help you increase your Level in Anthem.

Why is Leveling-Up important in Anthem?

Your Level is related to almost everything in Anthem from how powerful your weapons are, to what power-ups you have access to or even the loot that is dropped. More importantly, for unlocking all four Javelins and having access to Grandmaster three difficulty, you need to get to level 30 as soon as possible.

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This is all on how to Level-Up fast in Anthem. Leave a comment below for any more questions.

Anthem is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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