Anthem: How to redeem Legion of Dawn Pre-order DLC

Anthem includes the Legion of Dawn DLC if you pre-order the game, here’s how you can get the Anthem Legion of Dawn Pre-order DLC on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Anthem is famed developer Bioware’s first new IP in a while and has been in development since 2012. The game is being developed by members of the original Mass Effect Trilogy team including direct Supervision by Mass Effect Trilogy Producer Casey Hudson. The game is a multiplayer-first action role playing game that puts you in mechanical suits called Javelins as you journey across a strange new world.

What does the Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition include?

Anthem’s Legion of Dawn Edition is priced at $80 and includes the following:

  • Storm: Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack
  • Colossus: Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack
  • Interceptor: Legend of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack
  • Ranger: Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack and Weapon
  • Anthem Digital Soundtrack

Prerequisite to getting the Legion of Dawn DLC: Unlocking the Vanity Store

To get our hands of the DLC we first need to unlock the Vanity Store.

When you’ve gotten the game all set up, boot it up and complete the initial tutorials and character creation. When you’ve properly started the game, you’ll be back at Fort Tarsis where you can choose a bunch of missions to do. The first mission you need to do is “Lightning a Fire”, which has you go on a quest to find three Ember Pieces.

Completing the aforementioned mission open ups the Anthem Vanity Store, where you can purchase in-game items like weapon parts and other resources. The Vanity Store is also your hub to redeem all kinds of DLC, including the Anthem Legion of Dawn Pre-order DLC. Now onto the next step.

Redeeming the Anthem Legion of Dawn DLC

If you bought the Physical Version of the game you’ll need to enter the DLC code on the PSN Store if you’re playing on PS4, Microsoft Store on the Xbox One and Origin if you’re playing on PC. If you’ve purchased the Digital Version of the game, the DLC will install itself automatically.

When you’re successful gotten the DLC content downloaded on your PS4, Xbox One or PC then next step you need to do is open up the Vanity Store. The Store right next to Prospero, the NPC you talked that gave you the Lighting a Fire mission, press the Action button to access the store.

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The Anthem Legion of Dawn DLC items are redeemed by going to the Rewards section where you can get all the items by selecting them. Although significantly useful at the beginning, the DLC items are just to get you a boost at the start of the game so don’t get too used to them, you’ll be finding much better loot later on.

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Like all Cosmetic Items, you can add them to your Javelin at the Forge.

Hopefully this guide helped you out in redeeming the Anthem Legion of Dawn DLC items, feel free to ask us in the comments if you have any problems.

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