Anthem: Price on Xbox One

Anthem, the long-awaited title by Bioware is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Here is a guide on how Anthem is priced on Xbox One.

Anthem is an Action RPG title developed by team of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Moreover, it uses the Frostbite 3 engine that has been developed by EA DICE.

What does Anthem Standard Edition cost on Xbox One?

The Standard Edition costs $59.99 on the Microsoft Store. If you decide to pre-order this edition then you will receive a Ranger Legion of Dawn Armor Pack, a Legendary weapon, a Founders player banner, VIP access to pre-launch demos and Anthem theme as a bonus.

Moreover, you can also get a 10 hour trial for the game, given you have EA Access.

What does Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition cost on Xbox One?

The cost of this edition is $79.99 at the Microsoft Store. Along with the bonus given on pre-order, you will also get the complete set of Legion of Dawn Armor Packs, a Legendary weapon, a Javelin gear attachment and Digital soundtrack with Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition. The 10 hour trial on this edition also requires EA Access.

What is the cost for EA Access to receive the 10-hour trial of Anthem?

The 10 hour trial of the game requires EA Access which cost $4.99 a month but obviously, you get other benefits by buying a membership to EA Access. Along with this, you will also have to purchase the game in order to play the 10-hour trial.

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This is all on the price of Anthem on Xbox One. Hope this was helpful, if you have questions then leave a comment below.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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