Anthem: PS4s Crashing Due to an Anthem bug

Anthem, since its release, has had its fair share of problems with bugs and glitches. There is one bug in particular that causes PS4 to crash while running Anthem. Read on to find out more.

Anthem has faced a lot of criticism for failing to meet the standards set by Bioware, may it be because of the plot or the number of technical issues. Still, it could be worse as some players have experienced a bug that causes the whole system to crash on PS4.

Why does PS4 crash while running Anthem?

Although, there is no official report on why its happening but Anthem digital copies that were sold on the PlayStation store are affected. It has been reported that sometimes the bug causes the game to crash and you end back on the Dashboard. The second and worse scenario reported is that the bug causes the Ps4 to crash and turn off after running Anthem.

EA has announced on their official Twitter page that they are investigating the problem and asking users to share their crash reports.

Can PS4 get bricked by running Anthem?

Anthem digital copy causes PS4 to crash in a way that it’s like the power is suddenly cut off. This is something that causes the PS4 to run a hardware scan when turned on after just like when the power cord is pulled with turning of PS4. Now, this is not recommended but the reports of it bricking PS4 is inaccurate. The post on Reddit that claimed that PS4 got bricked by Anthem has now been closed by admins. The users are redirected to a page that clearly explains that its just a temporary problem.

What has Sony done in response to the crashing bug in Anthem?

There are multiple posts on Reddit by people who claim to have been refunded by Sony. The process mentioned is simple, you have to contact Sony and describe the nature of your problem. Depending on if you meet the criteria for anthem refund, you will be refunded. Unfortunately, there is a long queue of people waiting to get a refund due to Anthem crashing on PS4.

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Also, not everyone has reported having received a refund so it all comes down to Sony. This all on Anthem crash PS4, leave a comment below for any more questions.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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