Anthem: What are the best Weapons for you?

Anthem is more focused on abilities than weapons but that doesn’t limit your options. If you’re wondering what are the best weapons in Anthem then you will find this guide helpful.

There are a variety of weapon to choose from in Anthem. There are different classes of weapons like assault rifles, heavy pistols, shotguns etc. Also, it’s important to add that the weapons categories like the grenade launcher or autocannon fall under heavy weapons that can only be used Colossus Javelin. This is at the cost of not being able to use small weapons like pistols. Read on to find out about the best weapons in Anthem.

What are the best weapons in Anthem?

Deciding which weapons are the best in Anthem is not easy. The usage of a weapon and how effective it is can vary with the Javelin class you are using in Anthem. Also, the playing style also effects what weapon is ideal for you. Regardless, here are all the weapons in Anthems.

Machine Pistols:

Hailstorm (Recommended)

This machine pistol has a very high firing rate compared to the rest of the weapons in its category. For this reason, Hailstorm is one of the best weapons of Anthem in the Machine Pistol category.

The accuracy for this weapon is very low so it won’t be very effective from a distance but sidearms are usually used in close combat. Also, there is a Masterwork upgrade offered in Anthem for this pistol called Vassa’s Surprise which gives 25 percent ammo on melee hit.


Fulcrum is the most balanced machine pistol in Anthem, it has a good firing rate and decent accuracy. The weapon also has an upgrade called Unending Battle.

The upgrade increases weapon and melee damage by 110 percent when an enemy is shot at close range. This is the ideal option in Anthem if you want a well-balanced pistol which has a bit of all the qualities of the weapons in its class.


This weapon has the quality that it has a higher range, it’s a pistol that can shoot enemies from far away. The drawback is that it has a low rate of fire. The Retaliation of Garretus is an upgrade offered in Anthem for Trajector which increases damage for all weapons when health is critical.

Overall, it’s not a recommended weapon in Anthem because the player wouldn’t be using a pistol to shoot enemies far away which is the only edge this weapon has over the rest in its category.

Heavy Pistols:

Resolution (Recommended)

This heavy pistol has the fastest rate of fire and also high damage. The weapon has decent range and it also can be upgraded with Gunslinger’s Fury to Glorious Results, a Masterwork weapon in Anthem.

Moreover, with the upgrade, weapons damage increases after shooting weak points of multiple enemies. Resolution is our recommended pick in its weapon class and is one of the best weapons of Anthem.


Blastback can also be upgraded with Raptor’s Deadeye to Avenging Harold, making it another weapon in the Heavy Pistol class to have an upgrade.

The damage for this weapon increases while hovering with the upgrade. The weapon causes high damage and is good for close-quarters combat in Anthem.


This weapon has the highest rate of fire in its weapon class. It has a normal range like the rest of the pistols.

Barrage has a decent ammo capacity and causes significant damage compared with any other weapon in its class. Close Encounter is an upgrade offered in Anthem for this weapon and it increases damage while dashing.


Vengeance (Recommended)

This weapon fires two successive shots when fired and it has a higher firing rate than rest of the shotguns.

Vengeance can be upgraded to Masterwork weapon with Scout’s Advantage to Rolling Carnage. The upgrade increases damage for all weapons while dashing. This weapon is our top pick in Anthem for shotgun class.


Scattershot is the most well-balanced shotgun in terms of power and ammo capacity. This weapon is standard for Freelancers.

Also, it can be upgraded to a Masterwork weapon called Papa Pump using special traits and it increases damage after reloading as well as the force of impact.


Usually, shotguns are known for their low accuracy but Constrictor gets more accurate with use. So you will have to warm this weapon up for better results.

Moreover, the weapon has an upgrade called Radiant Fortress which recharges shield after hitting eight enemies with this weapon in Anthem.

Light Machine Guns:

Relentless (Recommended)

This is the most well-balanced weapon in its class in terms of accuracy, damage, and ammo.

This weapon also has a Masterwork weapon upgrade called Artinia’s Gambit that causes an explosion in the nearby area during the weapon to reload. This is the recommended weapon in Anthem’s LMG class weapons.


Savage has the fastest firing rate in the LMG class but unfortunately, the weapon suffers in the accuracy department. Overall it is a good weapon to attack a wave of enemies.

Also, this weapon causes a decent amount of damage to enemies but unfortunately, it does not have a Masterwork upgrade in Anthem so far.


Sledgehammer, as the name reflects, is the heavy hitter of the class. But the weapon suffers when it comes to ammo capacity and firing rate. Reloading over and over can get you killed in a game such as Anthem.

The Cycle of Pain is the upgrade of this weapon that increases weapons damage when enemy weak points are hit.

Assault Rifles

Defender (Recommended)

Every weapon in this weapon class has a Masterwork upgrade, for Defender it is called Elemental Rage. The upgrade can be done with Veteran’s Furor and it increases damage when elite enemies are hit.

The weapon is standard for Freelancers, it has a high firing rate and high ammo capacity weapon which are ideal for an assault rifles. This is the most recommended assault rifle in Anthem.


Warden has a long range and you can engage enemies from a considerable distance. The weapon also has good accuracy but suffers due to its low firing rate which is a trade-off for accuracy.

The weapon also has a Masterwork upgrade called Divine Vengeance that causes an explosion on every third weak point hit.


This weapon has the highest damage or striking power out of all the assault rifles.

Unfortunately, Hammerhead suffers in both ammo capacity and rate of fire. Weapon upgrade is called Ralner’s Blaze which ignites target when on a streak of five hits. Overall, it’s not a recommended weapon in Anthem compared with other weapons of its class.

Marksman Rifles

Scout (Recommended)

Marksman Rifle category in Anthem has weapon upgrades offered for all weapons that fall under the category. The upgrade for Scout is called Thunderbolt Of Yvenia which destroy enemy shields.

Overall, the weapon has a good firing rate combined with decent ammo capacity. The range is also good but it lacks a bit in inflicting damage. Its the most recommended weapon in its category in Anthem.


Guardian is capable of firing bursts of three rounds but the weapon takes some time to get adjusted.

Overall this weapon is best for mid and long-range combat because of its accuracy. Moreover, the upgrade for this in Anthem is Death From Above which increases weak point damage while hovering.


Although Anvil is a very hard hitting weapon with high damage combined with a high rate of fire but unfortunately, it lacks in ammo capacity.

Moreover, Anvil also has a stronger recoil compared to another weapon in the category. Luckily its upgrade called Soothing Touch reduces its recoil temporarily on hitting enemies. It’s not the best choice when comes to marksmen rifles in Anthem.

Sniper Rifles

Devastator (Recommended)

Like its name, it is an effective sniper to wreak havoc on the enemy from a distance. The weapon takes some time to charge but delivers tremendous force.

Moreover, it has ammunition that explodes on contact. Lastly, it also has a Masterwork upgrade called Truth of Tarsis which can start a combo after hitting enemy weak points. It’s safe to say that its one of the best weapons of Anthem.


Deadeye has a Masterwork upgrade and its called Wyvern Blitz which increases weak point damage by 40% while hovering. For this reason, it is recommended with Storm Javelin which can hover for the longest duration.

The weapon has a high striking force but lacks in rate of fire but overall it is a well-balanced sniper rifle in Anthem.


Being a sniper, Whirlwind has a rate of fire similar to assault rifles but the weapon lacks in the damage-inflicting department.

The weapon has an upgrade called Siege Breaker which allows it to freeze the target when on a hit-streak. Overall, it is a good option in Anthem and doesn’t rank much differently compared to other weapons in the category.


Torrent (Recommended)

Like all weapons in this category, Torrent can only be used by Colossus. This weapon gets more accurate with the longer its trigger is held.

It has the best rate of fire in the category and has enough destructive power. Moreover, with its upgrade called Endless Siege, damage and ammo capacity increases. This is a recommended weapon and definitely one of the best weapons in Anthem.


Again, Cloudburst is a heavy weapon that can only be used by Colossus. The weapon has a high rate of fire and destructive force to wreck havoc.

It’s best for taking on waves of enemies head-on due to how fast it can empty its magazine. Fist of Stral is an upgrade offered in Anthem for this weapon that increases damage temporarily when enemies are hit.


Autocannon has the highest firepower compared with other weapons in its class in Anthem. Unfortunately, it is at a disadvantage in terms of rate of fire.

On the positive side, this Anthem weapon has no spin-up time compared to the rest of the weapons in its class and can start firing instantly on enemies as soon as the trigger is pressed. The upgrade for this weapon is called The Last Stand which increases damage when Javelin health declines.

Grenade Launchers

Aftershock (Recommended)

This weapon belongs to a weapon category in Anthem that comes in heavy weapons and can only be used by Colossus. The specialty of this weapon is that its ammo can stick to targets or surfaces and then explode after a short while.

This grenade launcher can definitely give you an advantage in Anthem. Sentinel’s Vengeance is an upgrade for the weapon that can create an acid area effect on detonation.


Lurker has grenades which are not triggered automatically and they are remotely detonated. For this reason, it’s unique and is used to set traps for enemies.

Moreover, this weapon has an upgrade in Anthem called Balm of Gavinicus which restores 25% armor on hitting two enemies. Again, this weapon can only be used by Colossus in Anthem.


Bombardier can be used in case you need to target enemies far away. The grenades fired from this weapon bounce when they hit a surface or target.

The range is increased as the grenades bounce forward. The weapon can be used to target a group of enemies at a distance. Moreover, Bombardier in Anthem also has an upgrade called Insult and Injury which clears harmful status and boosts effect resistance temporarily.

What weapons to choose in Anthem?

Shortlisting the best weapons in Anthem is not possible because Anthem has a lot of weapons which are suited to different playing styles. Also with the upgrades, weapons can get more effective. Moreover, how effective a weapon is might differ with the Javelin your using as well. Some weapon can only be used by a specific Javelin type.

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So, considering all this, the best choice of weapons in Anthem might differ for every player. However, our detailed guide to weapons in Anthem will help you decide your weapons loadout.

Which weapons do you think are the best in Anthem?

What’s your recommended weapons load out in Anthem? Let us know in the comments below.

Anthem is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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