Anthem: What is Combine Javelins Glitch?

Anthem has four Javelin classes with unique abilities but what if you can combine them? Recently a glitch has allowed players to combine Javelins in Anthem. Read on to find out more.

Anthem is more of an ability based title where the Javelin classes have unique abilities. Moreover, their abilities compliment specific playing styles, like for example Colossus is all about defense and strength or Storm for an offensive playing style. So, being able to combine the skills and abilities of Javelin classes would be an unfair advantage.

What is Combine Javelins Glitch in Anthem?

The glitch has recently become popular after a Reddit user posted the combination of Colossus class Javelin with Interceptor class Javelin. The post shows a bulky Colossus Javelin dashing across with Interceptor class speed. Other than this, youtube has multiple videos of this glitch.

Basically, what the glitch does is that sometimes it loads one Javelin over another while changing your Javelin class. This allows the creation of somewhat a hybrid Javelin and the abilities from both the Javelin classes are available in selection.

What causes the Combine Javelins Glitch in Anthem?

Combine Javelins Glitch in Anthem is not the kind of glitch that you would want to go away. In case you are wondering how to make your game glitch as well, then there are no confirmed reports on it. However, from what we have gathered, you can only get this glitch on PC. Moreover, your game needs to be installed on a HDD.

When will the Combine Javelins Glitch be patched in Anthem?

The glitch will be patched up in the future updates because this isn’t the only glitch in the Anthem as far as Javelins go. There is also a glitch with Colossus Javelin allowing it to use Flamethrower in flight and Anthem does not allow weapon usage in flight.

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So, you can expect a patch for this in the near future because the developers wouldn’t want the game to have so many glitches. That is all on Combine Javelins Glitch, comment below for any more questions.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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