Anthem: What is Health Bar Bug?

Anthem, since its release, has been criticized because of a number of problems and the Health Bar bug is one of them. If you’re also having trouble with the health bar in Anthem then it might be because of the Health Bar bug. Read on to find out more.

Anthem has had a long line of bugs and glitches like the Freelancer Down bug, the Combine Javelins glitch or the worst of all, the bug that causes PS4 to crash. Similarly we have the Health Bar bug, which is popular for its annoyance.

What is the Health Bar Bug in Anthem?

The Health Bar bug causes your health bar to behave abnormally. This Bug causes your Javelin’s health to fall to three or four bars even at full health. Also, there is also a rare scenario in which you have extra health bars.

The Health Bar bug has been reported by multiple players on Reddit and it is also discussed on EA forums.

What is the fix for the Health Bar Bug in Anthem?

Unfortunately, there is no solution for this bug that has been reported. The players have even tried swapping different pieces in their Javelins to boost their health but nothing has worked so far.

What has EA done in response to the Health Bar Bug in Anthem?

The bug has been present in Anthem since it got its day one patch but even after weeks, there is no information on the matter. An EA community manager has acknowledged the presence of the bug but that’s about it. There has been no further following up by EA on the matter but reports of the bug haven’t stopped.

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Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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