Anthem: What’s the best Javelin for you?

Whether you’re busy exploring the open world or engaged in a battle, you will need the best Javelin in Anthem. Are you wondering what’s the best Javelin for you? Read on to find out.

Javelins are powered exosuits featured in Anthem which are piloted by the Freelancers. These exosuits allows the Freelancers to have extraordinary abilities and also can be modified. Finding the best Javelin class for you is important because Anthem presents you with a choice between all four Javelins early on. So, if you are confused about which Javelin to choose, then this guide has all you need to make your decision.

What are the Javelin classes in Anthem?


This is the first Javelin class you will get access to in Anthem. Ranger is overall a very balanced class compared to the rest of classes. The rest of the Javelins focus on a single attribute like speed or strength for example but Ranger has it all balanced. With this class in Anthem, you’re not forced into a specific playing style. The melee ability for Ranger is called Shock Mace, it’s an electrified stick that can electrocute enemies in close-range combat. Then we have Ranger’s first Javelin slot called Grenade Gear. This gear allows you to simply toss different types of grenades on your enemies. Next, we have the second Javelin slot called Assault Gear, it’s a wrist-mounted launcher to launch different kinds of attacks on your enemies.

Like all classes in Anthem, Ranger has two support options called Bulwark Point that deploys a spherical forcefield to deflect enemy attacks and the other is Muster Point that creates a forcefield that increases the weapon damage for team members as long as they are inside the force field. Lastly, the ultimate ability for Ranger is Multi-Target Missile battery which allows it to lock-on to all enemies nearby and fire guided missiles on them. This would be your ideal Javelin choice in Anthem if you want a balanced fighter.


This Javelin class is all about brute strength. if you want to take your enemies head-on, then this is the best Javelin for you in Anthem. Colossus has the strongest defense out of all classes and is the only Javelin that can use heavy weapons. Unfortunately, heavy weapons come at the expense of not being able to use pistols and SMGs. The melee ability of this class is called Heavy Smash which is basically shockwave emitted after Colossus smashes into the ground. First Javelin slot of this is called Ordnance Launcher. It’s a shoulder mounted weapon that can be used to take out enemies both close up and far away depending on the choice of attack. Next, the second slot in the gear is a wrist-mounted weapon like Ranger class which can launch a variety of attacks.

For support, Colossus has Taunt that forces all nearby enemies to attack him. Also, he has Deflector Pulse which gives all nearby allies a higher damage resistance. Finally, the ultimate ability for this class is Siege Cannon which is simply a point and shoot weapon. This precise attack can inflict a lot of damage. Colossus is the best Javelin choice in Anthem if you want high defense and strength.


Storm is the most offensive class of Anthem at the expense of weaker defence. This Javelin has a unique ability called Hover which allows you to stay in mid-air at all times. The melee ability for Storm is Fiery Strike which propels the enemies back when they are struck. This Javelin has Blast Seals in the first slot and Focus Seals in the second slot. Both of these are equipped in the mechanical arm of the Javelin class. These are offensive attacks using three elements, fire, ice, and electricity.

Storm, like other Javelins, has two support abilities. First is Wind Wall which deflects enemy attacks and second is Nexus which creates a field that allows a quicker gear cool down for team members. Lastly, the ultimate ability for Storm is Elemental Storm which is a series of blasts, again of the elements fire, ice, and electricity. Storm is the top pick for offensive Javelin class in Anthem but you will need a strong defensive class in your team like Colossus to balance out the team.


This class is all about speed, moving in an out of fights and attacking enemies with blades. The melee ability for Interceptor is Double-Bladed Daggers which allows them to strike enemies at close range. The first Javelin slot of this class is for Assualt Systems and the second slot is for Strike Systems. Both are a series of attacks of different types that can inflict damage to the enemies. The attacks include projectiles, gernades, acid etc.

Interceptors support abilities are Target Beacon which increases damage to an enemy when marked. Other is Rally Cry which cleanses nearby allies of any harmful effects. Lastly, the ultimate attack for his class is called Assassin’s Blades and it is a more advanced version of Interceptor’s melee ability. This attack allows you to cut through your enemies with your two blades very quickly.

Which Javelin class should you choose in Anthem?

The choice between the four Javelin classes in Anthem is totally dependent on your playing style as there is no best Javelin class in Anthem. Every Javelin has its own strengths, weaknesses, and expertise. So if you are a defensive player for example, then you should opt for Colossus or you want an all-rounder then go for Ranger.

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In short, the best Javelin in Anthem for everyone would vary according to their playing style.

Which Javelin class do you think is the best?

Which Javelin class is your pick in Anthem? Let us know in the comments below.

Anthem is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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