Apex Legends: Does it have cross-play?

Respawn Entertainment with their surprise release of their new title Apex legends have definitely caused a stir in the gaming community. Primarily being an online Battle Royale title and sharing similarities with the already established titles such PUBG and Fortnite quickly raises the question that whether Apex Legends is allowing cross-play functionality on their new release?

Does Apex Legends feature console cross-play?

With previously established titles in the market such as PUBG which has hinted to plans of offering cross-play and Fortnite which already is offering cross-play, it is an important functionality to offer.

Unfortunately, for now the game is not offering the cross-play functionality and will be restricted to matching up player with the same platforms.

Does Apex Legends plan to offer cross-play in the future?

The cross-play functionality definitely has an importance for the players specially in the online Battle Royale titles. Moreover, the fact that cross-play is available or planned in other similar titles has made it a question for Respawn Entertainment quickly.

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Fortunately, they were quick to not rule out the availability of cross-play and have mentioned they will be allowing people to play with their friends on other platforms. It is also clearly mention on Apex Legends FAQ page that they don’t yet support cross-play but are working on improvements and new features.

Availability of cross-progress or cross-purchase in Apex Legends?

Unfortunately, the game does not and will not include cross-progress or cross-purchase. Although, confirming to allow cross-play in the future, the developers still clarified that its not possible due to the way game was set up early on.

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Players can expect cross-play in future but their game progress and purchases will stick to their platforms.

Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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