Apex Legends: “Error syncing cloud storage data” Fix

Sometimes when playing the game you’ll get an Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue with the error “Error syncing cloud storage data” on the PC version of the game. Read on how to fix it.

Apex Legends launched just earlier this week so the game is still in its infancy, so there are some bugs still around. Respawn Entertainment has promised prompt support and updates, which judging by their history should be frequent.

What causes the Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue?

The Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue is very annoying as it slows down the game, introduces lag, increases load times and eventually causes the player to get kicked out of the game due to high latency. The problem stems from the client not being able to properly sync save files and other data correctly with the cloud servers.

How to fix Apex Legends Cloud Sync issue “Error syncing cloud storage data”

To solve this we just simply need to disable Cloud Sync, ensuring all our data is stored locally and easily accessed. Don’t worry as there’s nothing majorly important in the save data and you won’t lose any progress if you lose the files as the player data is stored server side.

Follow the steps below to disable Cloud Sync:

  • Open the EA Origin Client
  • Tab on the “Origin” tab on the top menu
  • Now click on “Application Settings”
  • In the “Installs & Saves” tab click on the “On” button adjacent to “Saves”

That’s it, disabling online saves fill solve the Apex Legends Cloud Sync problem.

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Feel free to ask us in the comments if you have any other questions or problems, we’ll try our best to solve them.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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